Photo credit goes to Nicolas Raymond.

Colombia is a country with a reputation that belies its true personality.  While the location of the nation has offered it a great position for commerce, offering its extensive agricultural assets to all corners of the world, it has been given the bleak reputation for the powerful organized crime originating in the region.  The most notable criminal activity, or at the very least, the most notorious, would have to be the Colombian drug cartels which have been a huge supplier of illegal narcotics to as many places on the planet as the agricultural industry has offered.  This reputation has thankfully been making a turn for the positive, especially in recent years.


Photo credit goes toPolicía Nacional de los Colombianos.

With an amped up police presence especially since the early 2000’s, Colombia has made significant strides in its international war on drugs.  This is certainly no small feat as the drug cartels are highly organized, well armed, and have extensive man power, along with many corrupt politicians, military and police in several countries.  These organized criminal groups have the extensive resources to not only offer a decent challenge to some nations but actually compete with them or even stay ahead of them at times.  The fact that Colombia has been able to make such strides in such a short amount of time, particularly since the presidency of Álvaro Uribe, is nothing short of admirable considering the objective was a relatively monumental undertaking.  Since then, cocaine production and distribution from Colombia has had a significant decrease and tens of thousands of aggressive militants have been captured or disbanded.  As a byproduct of this defense against violence and corruption, hundreds of thousands of Colombians have been able to rise out of poverty and the economy as a whole has improved to the point of several businesses rising up to the seven-figure status, making the nation a better place for its citizens and tourists alike.


Photo credit goes to Policía Nacional de los Colombianos.